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Have you tried all kinds of shoulder pain treatment only to be left frustrated by the lack of results?

Without a doubt shoulder pain can have a massive impact on your life, however not knowing when or even if it is going to get better is the hardest part for most shoulder pain sufferers.
Most chronic sufferers would do just about anything to get their shoulder fixed, which is great because we pride ourselves on helping you when all other pain removal options have failed.
We have developed and refined an extremely unique shoulder pain treatment that targets the underlying cause of your pain. Deep fascial tension present in and around the shoulder compromises the function of the shoulder joint and the shoulder stabilising muscles (rotator cuff muscles). This tension, often built up over many months or years can result in frozen shoulder and or rotator cuff injuries.

We address the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Our unique shoulder pain treatment is a complete hands on approach that eradicates the solidified connective tissue that is compromising the shoulder joint.

Since 2001 we have successfully helped thousands of chronic shoulder pain sufferers when other options such as hydrodilation, cortisone and standard therapies have failed.
Please call our Melbourne clinic today on (03) 9909 9905 to learn more about how we can can provide a permanent solution to your shoulder Pain.

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