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Shoulder Pain Solutions Melbourne are rotator cuff injury specialists with many years of experience and have more than a 90% success rate in treating rotator cuff injury. They can fix your rotator cuff injury or your money back.
They offer a free assessment and a money back guarantee.

Have you been diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury and struggling to find a permanent solution to your pain?

You are not alone, each month we see hundreds of shoulder pain patients present to our clinic with the diagnosis of a rotator cuff injury frustrated at going from clinic to clinic only to receive temporary relief from their pain. Many try different therapies and are even sent from procedures such as hydrodilatation and cortisone injections to try and settle the inflamed rotator cuff muscle/s.

In the vast majority of cases a rotator cuff injury is a symptom of the shoulder joint being internally rotated and rounded forward due to deep fascial restriction and muscular imbalance.

Standard shoulder treatment only treats the symptoms (tight and or inflamed rotator cuff muscles), whilst completely ignoring the cause (internally rotated/ rounded shoulder joint). This results in you feeling slightly better after symptomatic treatment, however it does not provide a lasting solution to your pain.

At shoulder pain solutions clinic we address both the symptoms and the cause of your rotator cuff injury. We eliminate the tension in your rotator cuff muscles to give you rapid relief, however we address the true underlying cause to ensure the shoulder joint is completely free of restriction and muscular imbalance to ensure the injury stays away.

If you have tried all kinds of therapies and procedures for your rotator cuff injury then we can help. We pride ourselves on helping you, when all other pain removal options have failed.

For more information on how we can address your rotator cuff injury and restore symmetry to your shoulder so the pain never returns, please call (03) 9909 9905 today. 

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