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Richmond Shoulder Solutions can release the tension in your shoulder and allow your shoulder to return to its natural state. We specialise in long term pain elimination and have many years experience with shoulder injuries.

Are you sick of getting different scans, opinions, diagnosis and treatment for your frozen shoulder?

At shoulder pain solutions we have the most unique and effective frozen shoulder treatment available in Australia. Refined over a 15 year period, since 2001 we have helped thousands of frozen shoulder sufferers when all other options had failed.

Solidified connective tissue (fascia) is the chief culprit in creating frozen shoulder and preventing it from moving once you have it.
Fascia is like blu-tack, when it's cold, you pull it apart and it snaps, as you warm it up it becomes more malleable. Picture the fascia or connective tissue in and all around your shoulder as being cold and restricted - It is why your shoulder feels slightly better under the hot shower and why it feels at its worst when you first wake up of a morning (stiff and cold from lying in bed all night).

Unfortunately from experience, practitioners, even specialists completely overlook the role the fascia or connective tissue plays in frozen shoulder cases which is why like so many others you are most likely frustrated at the lack of answers and results you have received to date.
Our unique frozen shoulder treatment takes a complete hands on approach to eradicating the solidified connective tissue in and around your shoulder joint that is causing your pain and restriction.

We use a beeswax formula in preference to oil, that allows us to grip onto the outer layers of the solidified connective tissue and generate extreme heat through the friction of our hands. As the tissue heats up it becomes more malleable, we then proceed to grip onto the outer layers of the fascia and stretch it back to their normal relaxed position.
Whilst the treatment can be intense you will notice improvement and increased range of movement. The newfound movement after each frozen shoulder treatment creates more improvement as the shoulder begins to stretch itself out in the absence of pain. We continue the process of heating the fascia, gripping onto the outer layers and stretching back to their relaxed state until we get right down deep into and surrounding the shoulder joint. Each session you will get greater range of movement, more pain relief until your frozen shoulder is completely gone.
For more information on how our unique frozen shoulder treatment can provide a permanent solution to your pain please call us today on (03) 9909 9905

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