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If you are suffering from frozen shoulder and frustrated at the lack of results from standard therapies then we can help!

We specialise in frozen shoulder and have helped thousands of chronic sufferers since 2001 who had all but given up hope. We are Melbourne's preferred shoulder treatment clinic for many top sports people.
Frozen shoulder is considered to be one of the most difficult conditions for practitioners to understand let alone effectively treat. It is because they do not understand the true underlying cause and instead treat purely the symptoms.

The most common cause of frozen shoulder is solidified connective tissue (fascia) that builds up in and around the shoulder joint over a period of time. The best analogy for solidified fascia is that of blu-tack, when blu-tack is cold you pull it apart and it snaps and for most frozen shoulder patients, this is exactly how their shoulder feels as the try to move it - like it is going to snap!
We have developed and refined an extremely unique therapy which is completely hands on. We use a beeswax formula in preference to oil that allows us to grip onto the connective tissue in and around the shoulder joint that is causing you pain and restriction. The friction from our hands creates extreme heat in the outer layers of fascia which begins to make it malleable. We then grip onto the outer layers and stretch them back to their normal relaxed position.

Our unique approach to frozen shoulder works deep through the solidified fascial layers until complete pain free movement is restored.

You will get relief from your first appointment, however more importantly you will know that you have finally found the solution to your wretched frozen shoulder pain.
For more information on how we can completely free up your frozen shoulder and ensure it never returns please call us today on (03) 9909 9905 or drop in to our Melbourne clinic in Richmond.

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