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Melbourne Shoulder Pain Treatment and Therapy

At Shoulder Pain Solutions, we specialise in shoulder pain removal  We have developed an extremely unique treatment process that targets the true underlying cause of shoulder problems that have not responded to other treatments.

Shoulder Pain

We take the complexity out of your shoulder pain and address the true underlying cause to give you a lasting pain removal solution, then strengthen your shoulder so the pain doesn't return.


Frozen Shoulder

Regardless if you have had a frozen shoulder for days, months or years, our tried and proven approach to your frozen shoulder will help eradicate your pain.

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Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuff injuries are a symptom of the shoulder not being in it’s correctly aligned position. Too many practitioners fail to address this misalignment with both practitioner and patient frustrated at the lack of lasting results.

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Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Most frozen shoulder treatment focuses on the symptoms, not the cause, resulting in months of unnecessary pain and discomfort.  Our unique frozen shoulder treatment goes straight to the cause, providing rapid relief and freedom of movement.

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What is so unique about our Frozen shoulder pain treatment?

We use a beeswax formula which allows us to slowly grip onto the fascial sheath (commonly referred to as knots). The friction creates an excessive amount of heat that penetrates deep into the layers of fascia. The combination of both heat and friction during treatment causes the fascial sheath to stretch and expand back into its normal relaxed state. Knots and tension release with every stroke.

What is so unique about our approach to shoulder pain?

We have developed and refined an extremely unique form of hands on treatment that eradicates the tension deep in your shoulder that is causing your pain and dysfunction. Since 2001 our unique approach has helped thousands of patients suffering from shoulder pain, frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries.
In almost all chronic shoulder pain cases we find fascial tension present surrounding the shoulder joint, which pulls the joint out of alignment and creates pain and or inflammation in the rotator cuff muscles. Our unique approach eradicates the cause (the deep seated fascial tension) and removes the symptoms (pain producing tension and or inflammation present in the rotator cuff muscles).  

What to expect?

For many chronic shoulder pain sufferers they have explored all options without success. After standard treatment such as physio, chiro and or massage has only offered them temporary relief, they are referred for a cortisone injection, hydrodilation, even surgery in some cases. Frustrated and in despair at the lack of results, chronic shoulder pain sufferers want answers and results and they want them fast.
We pride ourselves on providing this for you, right from the very first consultation with our chronic shoulder pain specialists. You will get a clear and concise reason for why you are getting your shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, why the approaches you have taken to date have failed to work and most importantly what we need to do together to get rid of your shoulder pain and ensure it never returns. 

What people are saying about our unique approach to shoulder pain treatment?

I had suffered from what was called a frozen shoulder for almost 18 months. It started off as a pain that went down the back of my arm and into the front of my shoulder then continued to deteriorate to the point where I could not lift my arm. I tried everything, even injections that hurt but did not help. I was referred to see Rick by a work colleague who said that he had the exact same injury and Rick completely took away his pain. From the first session I knew I was in the right place, whilst the treatment can be quite uncomfortable, I would have done anything to get rid of my frozen shoulder. I am know completely pain free.
Nick Lawerance

Rick Saunders
Shoulder Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Lower Back

Rick completed his Health Studies with post graduate research in neuromuscular facilitation and human behaviour. Rick has a current success rate at greater than 97%. Book Rick
Daniel Rodgers
Shoulder Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Lower back
Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines

Daniel Rodgers is a Chronic pain specialist.
Daniel works by the principal that restoring symmetry to the human body will ensure correct functioning is carried out and the pain is eradicated. Daniel carries out this process through Solidified MyoNeural Manipulation (SMM) working with the Fascia and the NeuroMuscular System.Book Daniel
Elliot Christopher
Shoulder Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Lower Back

Elliott is an incredibly passionate practitioner who works tirelessly to research the true cause of his client’s pain rather than just have them feeling good for a day or two until the pain returns. With an incredible knowledge of Musculoskeletal conditions Elliott has had some amazing results when working with not only the spine but with the entire body. Book Elliott
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